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Based in ~Brooklyn~~


When Jake’s not writing plays, he’s probably performing at your child’s birthday party as Scooter the Clown. Or he’s playing the piano. Or he’s biking. Or he’s eating popcorn. Or he’s walking a blind and deaf 14 year old husky named Phoenix.

He graduated from NYU-Tisch in 2o15 with a degree in drama from The New Studio on Broadway and The Experimental Theatre Wing.

He’s getting married to a man who fancies egg sandwiches and plays the saxophone professionally.

He loves creating wacky new universes. He believes that humor is a portal to the heart and that joy is medicine.

He is a jokester with an ulterior motive. He likes to surprise people, to put audiences at ease and then trick them into engaging with difficult issues. He has used his work to discuss queer issues, addiction, and the responsibility of American Jews to engage with the on-going refugee crisis.

He wants to see his plays into production. He’s learning to voice that he’s looking for more institutional support for his work. He fears that he seems desperate. He is. No, he isn’t. He’s just ambitious. He cares.

He loves what he does and has developed a strong body of work. He hopes you’ll read a play or see a play or offer an opportunity to collaborate or converse about the wonderful and terrifying experience of existing in today’s batshit and beautiful world.