"Next level stuff"

"The Tim and Eric of singing telegrams"

Extra! Extra! Sing all about it!

Send a singing telegram anywhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan!

Special introductory rate of $25 for an in-person telegram and $20 for a digital telegram  It's a steal!

The Ding Dong Clambake is a New York Based singing telegram service and an ancillary wing of The Clambake, a theatre collective. We will turn messages for your loved ones into fully produced musical numbers. We perform at front doors all over the New York area. Our telegrams feature completely original music, high quality speakers and a professional singer clad in amazingly strange clothing!

Here's how it works:

You provide us with the message you wish to convey, the address of where you would like us to go and we will write an original musical telegram to perform! If you opt for a digital telegram, we will record a very professional video with the telegram and email it off to the recipient! Please submit the form below and we will swiftly reply with specifics as to how our telegrams go down and payment information. 

Profits f go towards our theatre work.  Our performance work mines the intersections of music and theatre in new surprising ways. We propose a new kind of musical theatre, a theatre of irreverence. We wish to broach difficult subjects with humor, to ring your doorbell and enter your mind-house and do a little ditty in it. 

To learn more about the first Clambake funded piece, visit Deliverance: A Play with Fetal Lullabies by Chuck

Telegram Request Form

Requester's Name *
Requester's Name
Telegram Receiver's Name *
Telegram Receiver's Name
So the singer knows who to ask for!
Please write the text you wish to be used for your singing telegram. We recommend 6-8 sentences of text. This text may be slightly changed to rhyme or to sit well with music. You will have the chance to fully approve your telegram before you send it!
Address for The Telegram (In Person)
Address for The Telegram (In Person)
Please list the address as accurately as possible as to make sure the right person receives the telegram! We perform live telegrams throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Requested Date for the Telegram
Requested Date for the Telegram
We will do our best to accommodate your requested date.
Requested Telegram Time *
Requested Telegram Time
We will do our best to provide you with the time you request. We will provide you with a half hour arrival windows for in person telegrams and 10 minute windows for digital telegrams.