(3m, 2f)

A wacky new play from the wonky perspective of a queer housekeeping robot . Part family drama, part screwball comedy, part existential meltdown, Creative Dave's play will make you laugh, cry, and reexamine your relationships to sexuality, technology, and the creative spirit.

World Premiere Production May-June 2019 at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory

Developed with The Farm Theater Company

Article in AMNY

100 minutes.


The Brine



Sarah and Aaron’s lives are thrown into disarray when their parents are victims of a hate crime in Denver, Colorado. When they become symbols in the zany national media narrative, they grapple with whether or not to play ball. The play finds wacky and unexpected ways to ask deeply biting questions about grief, loyalty, and what it means to be an American Jew in our ever stranger world.

Works-in-Progress Production at Dixon Place dir. Nikolai Mishler

Developed with The Farm Theater

85 minutes.

Wall! A Thinly Veiled MetaphOr

(10m, 10w)

A two part musical epic for our horrifying times. Part 1.0 tells the story of two radically different societies on either side of a massive wall. Part 2.0 tells the story of a fractured society that decides to erect a giant wall. The parts can be viewed in either order and together create a figure-eight structure that reflects on patterns of societal division and reconciliation.

(Book, Music and Lyrics)

Commissioned by the Denver School of the Arts Theatre Department

World Premiere Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 dir. Eli Carpenter

Review of the Premiere Production

120 minutes.


DELIVERANCE: A Tragedy with Prenatal Lullabies By Chuck


(4w, 1m)

What happens when a woman decides to curb her drinking problem by volunteering to become a surrogate? She falls in love with the dead father of her unborn child, of course. This horror/comedy/musical pushes all sorts of boundaries in its’ exploration of alcoholism, surrogacy, cancer, Christian daytime television, Eastern Colorado, and reincarnation.

(Book, Music and Lyrics)

World Premiere at The Arlington Arts Collective 2016

Readings at Playwrights Downtown

Developed with The Farm Theatre Company

100 minutes.



A dead deer sits on the living room floor of a cabin in Colorado Rockies. When an outsider is brought into a long-troubled family, tension gives way to horror. This family dramedy explores gun culture, the longevity of grief, familial obligation, and the boundaries of love.

Works-in-Progress Production Dixon Place 2016

Developed with The Farm Theatre Company

90 minutes



Sad Fish.jpg

(2f, 3m)

A successful lawyer begins to believe that he is a fish. His elderly meshugenah parents struggle to help him. Ghosts of the past appear. The water levels rise. Ancient Semitic guilt comes in with the tide. So does a batty Israeli dance teacher.

The Atlas Theatre 2015

Developed at NYU Department of Dramatic Writing 2014

I Think I Fell:

A Devastating Operagasm

(4F, 2m)

Bouncing in and out of song/dance/drama/drumming/humming/strumming, this quirky piece explores the self-delusion necessary to maintain an addiction and the danger/joy of facing the truth.

World Premiere NYU Experimental Theatre Wing 2015